Brooklyn’s electro-pop sensation Monica Lionheart is known for pushing musical boundaries. Following her acclaimed debut, “Indian Summer” (2012), and the upbeat “Missed Connections,” Monica’s evolution continued with “Bodega Beat” (May 28, 2021). Praised by Paste Magazine, the album’s track “Sweet and Spicy” featured in Netflix’s “Christmas with You.” The lead single, “Baila,” also made waves in the gaming world on Microsoft’s “Forza Five.”

Monica’s impact extends to diverse collaborations, including a campaign with White Claw in Europe. Now, she’s gearing up to release a reggaeton and Latin trap-infused single on February 16, 2024. This upcoming track promises an authentic exploration of Monica’s roots, showcasing her commitment to innovation and cultural introspection.

Monica Lionheart’s fearless approach to blending genres and featuring diverse voices sets her apart in the electro-pop scene. As anticipation builds for her latest single, fans can expect a profound musical experience that transcends expectations, solidifying Monica’s influence in the ever-evolving world of contemporary music.

Paste Magazine says, “(Monica) brings a freshness to the electro-pop genre with her distinctive vocals that are both haunting and enchanting.”

“Get familiar with the singer with the gorgeous locks and vivid storytelling.”
Latina Magazine

“Escape Strategy”,  totally lives up to its name; it will transport you to a bright summertime place with bewitching keyboard lines and seductively synthesized vocals. She stands in cool contrast to the warmth exuded by Brooklyn’s landscapes.”
Remezcla Magazine

“Singer-songwriter Monica Lionheart layers her frosty voice over wafts of electronica and strings in a manner that suggests dry ice—and lots of it—plus Sigur Rós, and early Cure records interpreted by a tropicalia singer. It’s gorgeous stuff, in other words.” 
Time Out Magazine

“Strings, slight vocal effects, and piano chords wrap Indian Summer into a mesmerizing album that seduces the ear into a deep and soothing nostalgia.”
Al Borde

“Indian Summer is a compelling debut, one worthy of revisiting time and again”
Pop Matters